On December 28th 2000, Thomas D. Jones was elected by the Sun Journal
as one of the 30 most interesting people of the year 2000.

Return to the Book of Woo,  Romantic Poetry by Thomas D. Jones

Woo are you
Thomas Jones published poetry
Are you looking for ways to bring more romance into your relationship?  No matter what mood you’re in, it’s always a delightful surprise to find a hidden love poem somewhere.  Thomas Jones , a native of Greentown, released a limited number of prints featuring his poetry and photography from “The Book of Woo,” a collection of 50 poems and love letters.  The poet anticipates “The Book of Woo,” will be completed and released in the next two years. 
Jones, 40, explained his poems give loving advice for people who do not know how to express their feelings.
“Nowadays romance is gone and I hope the poems will put a lightbulb over the heads of readers,” he said.  “I hope guys will understand it’s nicer to spend your time romancing a lady than watching a football game.”
Jones said the poems are written to stimulate feelings.
“I try to capture an emotion through the poetry,” he said.
Included in his poetry are stylized photographs that enhance his written word.  Several of his pictures portray women’s eyes.
“Eyes express the inner sentiments of a person,” said Jones.
Writing as a hobby, he began composing while attending Hoover High School.  He began with short rhymes and then moved on to extensive poems.  Jones said his powerful inspiration is his profound love of romance.
The next time you want to show your loving side, think about leaving a romantic poem someplace special and unexpected.

Contact Thomas at thomas@bookofwoo.com