Christmas Gift

Love Gift
Read a few of the poems:

    Love Seat
         .Snow Flake
              Your Eyes
         .Summers Day

    Romance is not when someone does
              what is expected of them,

      but rather doing what is not expected.

The key to romance is a sweet surprise.

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An article written about Thomas' poetry showing.
Thomas was chosen one of the most interesting people of 2000.

The Book of Woo is a compilation of love poems, love letters and a short
story that were written to strike an emotion. Most of the poems have a thoughtful
content with a graceful technique of rhyme and timing.

One of my favorite poems “A Woman” has an intricate rhyming pattern and pacing
with meaning that often takes several readings to catch.

I hope that my book will make the perfect gift for a husband, wife, girlfriend or boyfriend
that will help bring the emotion, romance and “in love” feelings to a relationship.

Are you looking for ways to bring more romance into your relationship? No matter what
mood you’re in, it’s always a delightful surprise to find a hidden love poem somewhere.
The next time you want to show your loving side, think about leaving a romantic poem
someplace special and unexpected.

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